Prior to consulting with Rea, I had become discouraged by the money and many years spent receiving electrolysis on my chin, cheeks and upper lip from another Toronto electrolysist (weekly for 6 years without significant permanent loss). Rea’s technique and treatment has had a huge impact on my life. Within 2 months I went from seeing her every two weeks for an hour, to seeing her every 3-4 weeks for 1/2 hour. By 3-4 months, there was noticeable permanent removal of hair on my face and my appointments could comfortably be pushed to one appointment every 5-6 weeks. I no longer obsess about whether any unsightly thick hair are showing. I am very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Rea to anyone struggling for a permanent hair removal solution that actually works.

Catherine M.

Rea totally changed my perspective on electrolysis. I came to her office after spending over three years, and a lot of hours and money, with another electrologist. I was starting to feel a bit hopeless about permanent hair removal, but within a few sessions with Rea, that area was clear. Since then, I’ve started to get work done on my face, with great results (an area where I never trusted anyone else to work). From my perspective, it seems that there are a few things that have been important for my success with electrolysis. First, Rea is really experienced and knows the right techniques to use in different areas. I personally have had a really positive response to the blend technique, while previous offices only ever tried thermolysis, even after years of ineffective results. Second and perhaps most importantly, Rea works with a microscope, letting her insert the probe directly into the hair follicle. I’ve never been to another office that has had this equipment, and it has made a huge difference. I truthfully would not want to go to any other electrologist after seeing Rea, and I only wish that I had gone to her sooner!

Sarah D.

I am a black female with a few hundred coarse hairs across my chin, neck and cheeks. After trying Nd Yag laser unsuccessfully a few years back I was ready to try electrolysis because it is permanent (unlike laser). First I decided to try a lady near my house in Scarborough because of her 13 years experience but when I lay down on her table I saw fear in her eyes and she looked like a deer in headlights when she inspected my face. She used thermolysis and cleared my face in under an hour. I noticed she was plucking heavily and instead of the hair sliding out easily I could feel the pulling on my face. My skin got worse and I noticed more hairs sprouting up due to the plucking. I asked questions about her technique, results and the length of time I would be a client and she never gave a straight answer. At that time I knew about Rea for well over a year and read her informative blogs but because of distance and thinking that every electrologist was the same I never booked an appointment. I decided to give Rea a try and the difference in skill is night and day. I have never felt even one tug. She didn’t even blink when she saw me and I felt her confidence right away. I believe her when she said she’s seen worse (probably not by much though). Within 2 appointments I was already seeing a difference and that’s saying a lot.

Nicole K.

Rea is absolutely fantastic. I came from another practitioner where I did 3 years of treatment that took 6 hours every week to remove hair from my chin, face, chest and nipples. I saw very minimal change over that time. Now I see Rea for one hour about every 5 weeks and she treats all these areas in one hour because most of the hair is gone now. After a year we are now treating new areas. I highly recommend her, very professional and efficient treatments!

Jessica M.