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My name is Rea, I am an electrologist based in Toronto, Canada and I want to end your hair woes permanently! Like most of you I spent years looking for the magic potion that would leave me hair free. I tried everything from waxing to threading to laser to, finally, my personal panacea:


My electrolysis training began as part of an esthetics course I took following high school. Although I went on to university I thought about electrology as a profession for years while I continued to study. It was my university training combined with continuing education and research into permanent hair removal that allowed me to gain a more sophisticated understanding of the science behind it, as well as a proper understanding of the impact of electrolysis on both the hair and skin. Armed with a deeper understanding of the physics, chemistry and biology involved I have developed my signature technique that aims to deliver a one-shot kill. That means my treatment strategy is to terminate the hair follicle in just one treatment for the vast majority of hairs.

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For answers to all your frequently asked questions just type your query into the search function on my blog. I write original and informative articles that will answer any question you have on permanent hair removal. If I haven’t addressed your question yet, please feel free to let me know as I am always in need of new topics to explore!

At Follikill the ONLY thing you have to lose is your hair.

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