Black hair requires someone who REALLY knows what they’re doing. The insertions must be perfect, therefore, you need someone who does electrolysis all day every day. You also need someone who can properly see your hair and skin. Curly hair can be tricky because it’s not always obvious which way the hair grows under the skin. A surgical microscope is essential to ensure precise insertions and truly permanent hair removal on black hair. Treatments at Follikill are performed using a surgical microscope designed for medical professionals, not a magnifying lamp designed for squeezing out blackheads. The difference is that I can guarantee results in an industry where virtually no one else does.

I’ve written about electrolysis and black skin here, here and here.

Whether it’s hair along the cheeks, jaw and chin, or reshaping your hairline or removing those coarse hairs around your breasts and belly it can be done with electrolysis. Without damaging your skin.