Follikill™ Electrolysis Toronto
provides electrolysis treatment for the face and body in downtown Toronto.

If electrolysis is new to you the Follikill™ Electrolysis Toronto blog is full of original and informative articles that will answer all your questions about electrolysis, laser and more.

All clients see visible results within 4-8 weeks of being treated at Follikill Electrolysis Toronto. Effective electrolysis does not take years and it works on every hair type and skin tone.

Rea of Follikill™ Electrolysis Toronto is the only electrologist within downtown Toronto to use a surgical microscope to provide precise and effective electrolysis treatments.

Treatments provided by Follikill™ Electrolysis Toronto are guaranteed permanent and all treatments are performed using a single-use electrolysis probe that is discarded after each treatment.

Electrolysis is quite simply the best, and only, method of achieving truly permanent hair removal. Unlike with other hair removal methods, the results of electrolysis are eternal.

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Please contact Rea at Follikill™ Electrolysis Toronto so we can start the path to your hair-free future today!

The goal at Follikill™ Electrolysis Toronto is to lose you as a client because you will eventually run out of hair to treat!

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