How to Prepare For Electrolysis

I wrote a post on how to prepare for electrolysis. The two main things to do are to quit any other hair removal methods like waxing, threading or tweezing and to exfoliate your skin. Electrolysis will work faster with the maximum number of hairs present on the skin during treatment. This is because when you remove the hair, even through shaving, the slower growing hairs can take MONTHS to emerge, thus, prolonging your electrolysis treatment plan.
Exfoliation is very important to prep your skin for electrolysis because it removes all the debris that can clog the hair follicle and make insertions difficult. Exfoliation will also help lift out ingrown hairs, which saves me the time of doing it during the treatment.

When you prepare for electrolysis you should also consider pain management. You may want to take a pain reliever beforehand or you may want to apply a numbing cream like EMLA or Maxilene to alleviate the discomfort. Make certain you take your pain reliever or apply the numbing cream several hours before your treatment.

Prepare For Electrolysis Aftercare

Electrolysis is a wound, and as such, you do have to take some precautions to avoid infection after you’ve had electrolysis treatment.
Electrolysis Aftercare